Accelerating SDGs Investment in Indonesia (ASSIST) Newsletter — 3rd Edition

The United Nations Joint Programme— Accelerating SDGs Investment in Indonesia (ASSIST) represents the United Nations (UN) strategic framework to support the Government of Indonesia (GOI) to significantly increase public and private capital mobilization for the SDGs. This programme was signed by the GOI and participating UN organizations to accelerate Indonesia’s progress towards a sustainable future.

The ASSIST Joint Programme brings in UNDP, UNICEF, UNIDO, and UNEP, in a collaborative endeavor to support the acceleration of Indonesia’s SDGs investment. This support will be delivered by 1) taking proven and new financing instruments to scale through provisions of pre- and post- transactions technical assistance for innovative financing instruments; and 2) providing capacity building to relevant stakeholders to improve institutional capacities to access and utilize finance towards the achievement of the SDGs.

The ASSIST JP Newsletter (3rd Edition) highlights the key milestones, activities, and achievements of the ASSIST JP from January to June 2023.