Subnational Climate Budget Tagging

Climate Budget Tagging (CBT) is a tool to identify and track howmuch the government allocates budgets for climate change mitigation and adaptation. Starting from 2020, we are supporting the MoF in scaling up CBT at the sub-national level (regional climate budget tagging/RCBT).

  Riau, Jambi, Bangka Belitung, East Kalimantan, DKI Jakarta, West Java, Yogyakarta, East Java, Bali, and Gorontalo

Zakat for SDGs

The partnership with BAZNAS commits Zakat funds formicro-hydro energy in rural villages and leverages a UNDP/GEF project and CSR funds from a state-owned provincial bank.

  Jambi, Central Sulawesi, and West Nusa Tenggara

Accelerating SDGs Investment in Indonesia (ASSIST)

ASSIST Joint Programme, funded by the UN Joint SDG Fund, aims to increase significant investment for SDGs through leveraging innovative financing instruments.

  West Java and West Nusa Tenggara

Basic Entrepreneurship Training (BET)

Basic Entrepreneurship Training aims toensure that no one - particularly womenand other vulnerable groups - is left behind by supporting entrepreneur ship training and business development and facilitating access to skills development and jobs.

  Lampung, West Kalimantan, DKI Jakarta, Maluku, West Papua, and East Nusa Tenggara

Youth Co:Lab

Partnered with Youth Co:Lab and Citi Foundation, we work closely to strengthen the entrepreneurship ecosystem and policy environment to better enable young people to take the lead on new solutions that will help meet the SDGs.

  DKI Jakarta, Bali, Maluku, East Kalimantan, and East Nusa Tenggara